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One month.

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

One month since our beloved Rich died. One month of emptiness and of heartache. It feels like it was just yesterday, all still so clear in my mind. His last few days were really difficult, the last morning with the paramedics was traumatic. I was still holding on to hope up until the end, hoping that something would heal him.

Grief is nothing like what I expected it to be. Its cruel and its numb. It hurts in parts of the heart I didn’t even know existed. And then it stings so much you can’t breathe. Yet it still doesn’t feel real that he’s gone.

Rich’s family and I would like to say a massive thank you for the most beautiful messages, cards and letters. We have been overwhelmed by the love. They have been a huge comfort to us and confirm that, yes indeed, Rich was an amazing human being. And a special thank you to the tribe of people who have held me in this time, the kindness, the love and the support means more than you will ever know.

For anyone who missed the funeral but would like to watch it, you can do so below:

And as you know, Rich loved his music. Sadly, during the ceremony, the last song didn’t play due to a technical issue. For anyone wishing to listen to the music Rich had chosen for when the coffin was leaving, here it is:


For anyone wishing to contribute to Rich's book of remembrance, please feel free to add your thoughts, photos and videos. Here is the link:


With love,

Bekky x

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