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Lots has been going on since the last blog went out, but here’s just a little update on the latest news. I’ll keep it brief and when Rich is feeling up to it he will write a bit more - hopefully in the next few days.

Our meeting with the oncologist last Friday was heart-breaking. We have been struggling to find the words and strength to share the news.

The headlines are that, in the last 8 weeks since the last round of chemo, the cancer has spread aggressively leading to further and bigger growths in the lungs and liver. This alone would be manageable with a combination of chemo and Radio Frequency Ablation. However, it has now also spread through the lymph glands and into the membrane of the wall of the abdomen, which is called the peritoneum.

The oncologists main concern at this stage is that the ducts leading in and out of the kidney and the pancreas could get blocked with these new growths. This could make things very complicated, very quickly. Aside from having chemo to try and slow the spread, there is now very little else that can be done.

Over the last few weeks Rich has been increasingly suffering from intense abdominal pain which is similar to the wincing cramps he had with the adhesions prior to surgery earlier this year. The Hospice at Home team is now fully on board and they have provided him with some enhanced ideas on the pain management he now needs.

This week was meant to be special. Rich was meant to be spending Christmas with his parents and his brother and family, while I was meant to be going away for a week of respite on a meditation retreat. Instead we are huddled in our little cottage trying to get our heads around what this all means.

We don’t know how much time he has left, it could be weeks, maybe months if we are lucky. It is utterly surreal. I keep thinking I’m going to wake up and this isn’t happening.

My heart is breaking but in this madness, we still have hope so that is what we are holding on to.

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