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I have had a beard on my face continuously for nearly nine years. And as such, I had previously dismissed the idea of fundraising for Beating Bowel Cancer by growing a beard for Decembeard because, well, that would be cheating, wouldn't it? You can't very well ask people to give you money for something you did nearly ten years ago. Can you?

Then, on Decembeard Eve, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, I had what my somewhat Swiss wife calls an "illumination". It struck me that if perhaps I was to shave my beard off and then re-grow it, I might qualify for some meagre charitable donations. And meagre charitable donations are better than no charitable donations at all. So that's what I did.

The next morning, I seized Bekky's leg razor (yes, I know, but I haven't had a razor in the house for years so my options were limited) and set about removing every last follicle from the lower part of my countenance in an act of wild abandon. Then I took some pictures of myself, stuck 'em on the interweb and hoped that someone, somewhere might be generous enough to chuck a couple of pennies my way.

Since then, my wife has told me that without beard, she thinks I look like an alien - pointy chin, bulbous top bit. Charmed, I'm sure. I've also variously been told I look three, twelve and twenty five years old, handsome, strange, and smooth-skinned, none of which I shall complain about but either way, I'm not a fan and now desperately want my beard back.

And it would appear others feel that my beard-shaving-and-re-growing efforts are worthwhile because in the first 72 hours I managed to raise close to my target - £480 and counting - which quietly knocked me sideways and is utterly fabulous news. It also puts me 9th on the leaderboard of fundraisers (not that it's a competition, obvs) out of the whole country so that's pretty satisfactory too.

A huge and sincere thank you to all that have contributed so generously thus far.

You can guess where this is leading. If you haven't yet donated, please feel free to do so anytime! I'm obviously very keen to blast through what turns out to have been a fairly modest target (who knew?!) and I would guess that Beating Bowel Cancer feel the same. All you need to do is click here then follow the instructions. Just be sure to tick the GiftAid box as that increases the value of your donation by 25%.

Thank you so much. Updates to follow.

R x

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