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I posted this on my private Facebook blog just over two weeks after bowel surgery. I was in quite a lot of pain, especially in the first week at home, but Bekky had just got on with it - she cared for me immaculately, never complaining, always on call, always on duty, offering me pillows, painkillers or just a hug whenever it was needed. And all the while she was having to juggle her own life as a self-employed teacher/artist - if she didn't work she didn't get paid so she just had to get on with that too. Did she find it easy? Absolutely not. Did she enjoy it? Quite the opposite. Did she complain? Not once.

Once again it goes to show how hard it is for the passenger on the cancer journey. She is an inspiration.


The last few weeks have been quite contrasting for my wife and I. For me, it has been fairly blurry, quite physically painful, and more than a touch bizarre, whereas for Bekky it has been all too real, stressful and both physically and emotionally exhausting.

Since getting home, I have been fairly lucky in that I have largely luxuriated my way from bed to sofa and back to bed with the occasional trip to see the practice nurse or the GP. Meanwhile Bekky has had to play many, many roles including nurse (which she has done brilliantly, I hasten to add), cook, cleaner, dog-walker, chauffeur, entertainer, therapist, shopper, pharmacist, log chopper and fire lighter while at the same time teaching her special needs students, studying for an M.A. and trying to run her own business.

My wonderful wife, in the process of sorting out my hospital paperwork

She has been truly amazing while grinning and bearing the fact that her husband is not only still pretty cancerous but now has a two new accessories in the form of a mega-scar down his middle AND Stinky the Stoma bag (which, incidentally isn't stinky but the name worked). I am very blessed to be able to call her my wife.

So there we are. Thanksgiving may have been and gone, but I am still truly thankful to have you lot and especially my wonder-wife in my life.

Thank you.

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