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Optimism, beaten

As you know, Bekky and I try our best to take the optimistic view on our current circumstances. Just occasionally, however, the laughable, continual misfortune and frustration of these circumstances inevitably gets to us.

Take tonight, for example. Bekky finds herself on crutches, having had surgery this week on her formerly-fractured and subsequently-badly-mended ankle. Meanwhile I, once again, am brimming with toxicity and attached to a "balloon" (not the fun sort) of chemo, having restarted the regime today and with another 5 cycles to go over the next 12 weeks.

Sometimes being upbeat can be a challenge.

Tomorrow is another day and before you ask, no, we're not looking for sympathy, we're just expressing our frustration and fed-up-ness with the situation which.......wait a moment. Who am I kidding? Of course we're looking for sympathy! We're after sympathy and entertainment and fun and jokes and stupidity and just about anything you can think of to make things better.


Bekky's foot


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