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And an update from Rich

A couple of days ago, I was in intensive care following liver surgery. There were a lot of tubes and machines that go ping.

Since then I seem to have made fairly good progress and the number of tubes and machines that go ping has dwindled.

Today is Day 2 of recovery and thus far it has been pretty gentle. We're heading in the right direction - the numbers that should be getting lower are getting lower and those that should be going up seem to be going up, which is encouraging. Not entirely out of the iffy zone just yet but certainly getting close to it.

The regular doses of morphine are keeping me comfortable and nicely spaced out, the food is good despite being on a limited menu, the company in the form of Bekky (and the constant stream of nurses, doctors, consultants etc) is great and all in all I have little to complain about.

And your love and support is fabulous - far more than we deserve, so I say again...thank you. We are most humbled.

We'll keep you posted.

R & B xxxx

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