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A Turn for the Worse

Hello you lovely peeps, just a little update on behalf of Rich.

This week hasn’t turned out quite the way we were expecting or hoping for, but then neither has the last month…

Rich became quite unwell towards the end of last week as a result of the hideous side effects of chemo. On Tuesday morning I rushed him into hospital where he has been kept on a cocktail of meds making him utterly delirious, weak and exhausted but now stable and no longer in pain.

He will be absolutely fine when he comes out the other side of all this, but needs to rest for now. He is being monitored closely and is in an isolation room (high risk of infection and low immunity) so I’m afraid no visitors for the time being.

He has been deeply touched by all the kindness and support pouring in (thank you!!) but for the time being he would love to read your messages on here, on the blog rather than by messages on his phone, he will let you all know when he is back on mobile communication. I will let him tell you all about it when he is feeling a bit stronger and up for writing. Watch this space!

Please keep your gorgeously positive healing vibes coming in, they are essential for his recovery!

Love xx

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