Bekky is a professional ceramic artist, pottery teacher, university lecturer and a volunteer tree hugger.  She works with adults, children and people with special needs, and graduated in 2018 with a Masters of Art from the University of Brighton where she studied the ‘Biophilia Effect' – our intrinsic, primaeval and healing connection with the natural world.


Her sculptural ceramics aims to channel the spirit of nature into manmade spaces, working alongside interior design and architecture. Her smaller mounted pieces are suitable for intimate spaces such as galleries and private homes. She also relishes the opportunity to work on larger one-off commissioned installation projects in open spaces (both indoor and outdoor) such as hospitals and gardens.


Do get in touch if you would like to discuss any ideas further - all of her work is for sale. 

Botanical Series II - Blue (26cm x 40cm)

Botanical Series II - Blue (30cm x 40cm)

Circle Series - Blue

Circle Series - Blue (60cm x 60cm)

Transition Series - "From Darkness to Li

Transition Series - "From Darkness to Light" (82cm x 30cm)

Woodland Series - Circle (64cm dia

Woodland Series - Circle (64cm dia.)

Botanical Wall Installation

Botanical Wall Installation - Hove Museum 2018

Botanical Wall Installation

Botanical Wall Installation - close up



If you would like to get in touch with either of us, feel free to message us here, or have a look at the Bekky May Ceramics' website, Facebook or Instagram pages.

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